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Forum PostJanuary 22nd, 2018Hereditary cancer testing ICD10 codes
Forum PostJanuary 17th, 2018Lower extremity angioplasty with thrombolysis infusion.
Forum PostJanuary 17th, 2018Seizures
Forum PostJanuary 16th, 2018Modifier 25 with New patient visit codes and procedure on same day
Forum PostJanuary 10th, 2018CPT 94664
ArticleJanuary 9th, 2018Should ROM Testing be Reported with Evaluation and Management Services?
Forum PostJanuary 3rd, 20186 month repeat colonoscopy
Forum PostJanuary 2nd, 2018Billing guidelines for CPT® 29806 and 29820 together
Forum PostJanuary 2nd, 2018CPT® K0902
Forum PostJanuary 2nd, 2018GUIDELINES TO BILL FOR CPT® 97002
Forum PostJanuary 2nd, 2018Provider Based entity-99211
Forum PostDecember 28th, 2017vaccine admin billing
Forum PostDecember 27th, 2017E&M with CPT 20610
Forum PostDecember 26th, 2017E&M with CPT 20610
Forum PostDecember 26th, 2017PROCEDURE CODE 99222


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