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Forum PostAugust 23rd, 2019Body Start Keto
Forum PostAugust 21st, 2019CPT 93925
Forum PostAugust 20th, 2019CPT 93925
ArticleAugust 20th, 2019A Step by Step Guide to Medical Billing
ArticleAugust 20th, 2019Are You Aware of Medicare Advantage Plans Timely Filing Rules?
ArticleAugust 19th, 2019Understanding Payment Indicators
ArticleAugust 16th, 2019Medical ID Theft
Forum PostAugust 13th, 2019Podiatry - CPT codes 99222 & 99223
ArticleAugust 13th, 2019Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)
ArticleAugust 13th, 2019Q/A: I Billed 2 Units of L3020 and Claim was Denied. Why?
ArticleAugust 13th, 2019Will Medicare Change Their Rules Regarding Coverage of Services Provided by a Chiropractor?
Forum PostAugust 12th, 2019Code for physical activity counseling
Forum PostAugust 9th, 2019Code for physical activity counseling
ArticleAugust 9th, 2019The OIG Work Plan: What Is It and Why Should I Care?
Forum PostAugust 6th, 2019Podiatry - CPT codes 99222 & 99223
ArticleAugust 6th, 2019CMS Proposes to Reverse E/M Stance to Align with AMA Revisions
ArticleAugust 6th, 2019Q/A: What if my Patient Refuses to Fill out the Outcome Assessment Questionnaire?
Forum PostAugust 5th, 2019CPT 29799
ArticleAugust 2nd, 2019The Slippery Slope For CDI Specialists
Forum PostJuly 30th, 2019CPT 29799
ArticleJuly 29th, 2019Q/A: How do I Bill Mobile Clinic Services?
ArticleJuly 29th, 2019The Role of Chiropractic in Value Based Payment Systems
ArticleJuly 26th, 2019Anthem is Changing their Timely Filing Requirements for All Plans, Including Medicare Advantage


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