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ArticleNovember 11th, 2019And Then There Were Fees...
Forum PostNovember 5th, 2019Extirpation of matter from the Pulmonary Artery
Forum PostNovember 5th, 2019Blue cross Blue shield denies office visits/E& M visits.
ArticleNovember 3rd, 2019Are you providing TMD treatment and having a hard time receiving payment from Medical? Take a look at the law for your state!
Forum PostNovember 1st, 2019Extirpation of matter from the Pulmonary Artery
Forum PostOctober 23rd, 2019Consultations
ArticleOctober 21st, 2019VA- Reasonable Charges Rules, Notices, & Federal Register
ArticleOctober 18th, 2019Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs): Unlikely, But Not Always Impossible


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