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Coding based on time

How much time does it take to see a child with asthma or to discuss behavioral problems with parents? Or, to explain the importance of diet and exercise in a child whose weight is increasing at an unusual pace? A lot. These types of visits are not simple or quick. How can a pediatrician be paid for those services and what level of service should be selected? All physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners may use time to select the level of service of an office visit or consult wh...

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99212--established patient visit

Established patient visits all require 2 out of 3 of history, exam, medical decision making 99212: History required is problem focused: 1-3 HPI elements Exam required is problem focused: 1 body area/organ system examined from the 1995 exam, or one bullet from the multi-specialty exam or any single specialty exam from 1997 Straightforward MDM (one resolved problem, one minor problem) See the articles on auditing and the Documentation Guidelines in Codapedia.  There are sample, au...

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Preventive medicine and office visit, same day

Can I use modifier 25 on an E/M service on the same day as a preventive medicine exam Let’s review what a preventive medicine service is, in order to answer that question.  Preventive medicine services are: • The description given by CPT® for “annual physicals” • Divided into new and established patient visits • Categorized by the age of the patient • Individually listed, with RVUs in chart in appendix • 99381—99387 for new patient,...

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Field Guide to Physician Coding 3rd

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Thu, May/21/2015 06:09PM
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Thu, May/21/2015 08:53AM

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