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Janice Brashear  a.k.a. janbrashear

Member since:March 22nd, 2011
Job Title:  Patient Acct Rep.
Company/Org:  Merrick Management, Inc

Work Experience

I have worked as a coder/biller since 2007 with a 2-year break between 2015-2017. I am not currently certified but was a CPC. During the 2-year break I took from coding/billing, I earned my MBA from Midway University in Midway, Kentucky. I am researching which certification I should earn next.

About Me

I am the single mom of two teenage girls who are wonderful young ladies to hang out with. I love to go out with friends and family and enjoy life in general. I\'m always looking to experience an adventure or learn something new.

My Interests

Hiking, dance fitness, reading obsessively, self-improvement to name a few. I love to explore and find new side gigs occasionally. I love kids and will do any kind of charitable work that benefits children.

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