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Jan 31st, 2018 - alleegator13

Post op Rechecks/new trama

I have a patient who was in 1 month into his Post Op Global Period. He unfortunately, dropped something on the Surgical Site and has pain for that. he's returned to the office a week later to check on the injury, but the dictation says nothing about checking the surgical site, only the new injury. Does it still get billed 99024 and 20550 (with modifiers 79,rt) or just 20550 (RT)?

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Feb 12th, 2018 - rdinaso    12  1 

re: Post op Rechecks/new trama

Bill the ICD-10 code for the new injury, and add the 79 modifier to the procedure code to let insurance know it has nothing to do with the previous surgery.

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